Union High Student Threatens Teacher After Cheating

Austin RoarkUnion Police say a student was arrested and charged last week after he threatened a teacher.

Local media sources say 18-year-old Austin Eugene Roark was caught letting another student cheat off his test at Union County High School.

When the teacher the two that they would both receive zeros on the test, Roark reportedly said, “I am definitely coming back up here.”

The teacher asked him why and Roark said, “I am coming with guns,” said media sources.

Roark has been charged with threatening the life of a public official.

Dr. Bill Roach, superintendent of Union County Schools, released a statement:

“We always hate it when students make poor choices.  We have worked very hard this year to make our expectations clear and to provide assistance to students both academically and behaviorally.  Despite our efforts, students sometimes still make poor choices and we then have to hold them accountable for those actions.”

“In order to help students be College and Career Ready, we strongly feel that helping students learn what our society considers acceptable behavior is also one of our priorities.  Union County Schools continues to work with our parents and the community to educate the whole child so upon graduation students can be productive citizens.”

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