Greenwood Man Punches Deputy in the Face

Richard WilliamsonDeputies arrested a Greenwood man early last week after he caused a disturbance and assaulted a deputy.

Greenwood County deputies responded to a call about a civil dispute on Siloam Church Road last Monday evening. The home owner said he had attended a drug treatment center with the suspect, Richard Williamson, and let him stay at his home after they completed their treatment.

The man said Williamson had been “acting erratically lately” and he believes he has been taking drugs.

Deputies ran into Williamson as he was walking out of a bedroom. As he stepped onto the porch, “he began yelling at the top of his voice incoherently,” said the incident report.

Williamson stepped back into the home and tried to close the door. When the deputy stopped the door with his foot, Williamson yelled again then reportedly hit the deputy in the face with a closed fist.

The deputy said in his report that he took Williamson down with the “least amount of force possible” and got him handcuffed.

Williamson, 35, was charged with assaulting officer and disorderly conduct.

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