Welcome to The Jail Report, an informative and entertaining weekly paper covering crime and punishment in Richmond, Aiken and Columbia counties.


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The Jail Report knows that almost everyone falls into three camps; they’re interested in, intrigued with, or concerned about crime! Use this undisputable interest to promote your business.


Concerned about associating your business with The Jail Report? We’ll ask you this- would you have any qualms advertising your business during CSI, Law and Order, COPS, or Prison Break? Probably not. Our readers are sharp enough to tell the difference between local news and the value of your product or service!


The Jail Report is not a free or throw-away newspaper. Our customers pay $1 of their hard-earned money each week for a copy of this newspaper, which they share, discuss and pass along to friends and family. Your advertisement is right there along for the ride.


Unlike the Yellow Pages™, The Jail Report will be on the coffee table or desk instead of a cabinet under the counter- and without dozens of your competitors! Plus, there’s a new issue of The Jail Report every Wednesday- why limit your business to one advertisement per year? Radio? It’s expensive and let’s face it- very few people have their radio on all the time! TV? Effective, but at a very steep price. Print- large newspapers are large because their advertising is so expensive! For the price of an 1/8 page ad for a day in some newspapers, you could have a full page advertisement for a week in The Jail Report!


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