Florence Woman Fakes Rape Story at Colonial Inn

A Florence woman was charged last week with making up a rape story after being invited back to a man’s hotel room at the Colonial Inn, according to a police report.


Sherika Graham, 28, of Barnwell Drive, Florence, was charged last Tuesday with filing a false report of a felony.

The arrest stems from an incident in March when police were called to a possible sexual assault at the hotel on South Irby Street. They found Graham sitting on a step outside a hotel room with a blanket around her.

“He tried to rape me,” she said, referring to the man who had rented the hotel room.

A paramedic arrived to take the woman to the hospital.

Meanwhile, police talked to the man that she accused of attempted rape. He said he had picked up the woman at Tommy’s and brought her back to his hotel room. Graham told him that she would “have sex with him for money and drugs,” a report says.

When they got to the room, Graham removed all her clothes and began to smoke crack. She then began to “act crazy and ran out of the room with no clothing on,” the report says.

The man followed her downstairs with her clothing.

Investigators checked Graham’s record and found other similar claims. She also has a record that includes arrests for child cruelty, unlawful conduct on a 911 call, accessory to a felony and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“A clean motel room did not support the evidence of a sexual assault,” the police report says.

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