Family Dollar Worker May Have Given Away Stuff to Friends

A Family Dollar employee was arrested July 14 for giving away items to customers who may have been his friends, according to a sheriff’s report.

Jason Gilliam, 35, of Augusta, Theft by deceptionJason Gilliam, 35, of Augusta, was charged with theft by deception, a misdemeanor.

Last month, the store’s loss prevention staff noticed that Gilliam had an unusual amount of voided items while working as cashier at the Wrightsboro Road store.

A store manager then reviewed video of three incidents where Gilliam voided customer’s items and then allowed them to leave the store with that voided item. They include:

• On May 22, Gilliam is seen voiding a boxed entertainment center from a list of purchased items and then allowing a female customer to leave the store with it.

• On June 10, Gilliam is seen checking out items for a male. After ringing up two packs of “Hanes” T-shirts, Gilliam voids one pack of the T-shirts but then is seen bagging them along with the other items.

• Again on June 10, Gilliam is observed voiding a large 8-roll pack of paper towels. He then allows two females to leave the store with the paper towels in a grocery buggy.

“It is believed that Mr. Gilliam is either providing these items of no charge to his friends or collecting payment for the items at a later time,” a sheriff’s report says.

Gilliam quit after being confronted about the thefts.

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