Man Identified as Augusta Flasher!

Cover Issue 837
Richmond County authorities have arrested the flasher who allegedly exposed himself outside several Augusta businesses last summer, including Hobby Lobby and Starbucks.
Zachary Hyman, 30, of Blythe, Public indecency Zachary Hyman is the same pervert who was chased out of the Grovetown Walmart in June. He got probation for those cases.
The 30-year-old man just can’t keep to keep his Johnson in his pants, authorities say. He likes to whip it out and show other people.
Hyman was arrested Thursday for public indecency in connection with a series of acts along Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway. On June 9, deputies were called to Starbucks for a male exposing himself. After that call, deputies got five or six more calls about a man driving a red Ford Taurus exposing himself in parking lots along the parkway, according to a sheriff’s report.
One woman was outside the Hobby Lobby at lunchtime. She was loading items into her vehicle when she noticed a Ford Taurus circling her area. The vehicle was making a loud noise.
“The vehicle pulled up close enough to her that she observed the white male driver with his penis in his right hand as he masturbated,” a sheriff’s report says. “It did not appear like he was wearing any pants or shorts but that he was wearing a camouflage hat and a light brown or tan shirt.”
The woman told the man that she was a concealed weapons permit holder. The driver reacted by backing out of his spot and leaving.
Deputies took the license number that the woman had scribbled down and showed her a picture of Hyman, the registered driver. She identified him as the man who had flashed her.
Pending case. Also pending against Hyman is a year-old case where he allegedly punched his girlfriend in the head and knocked her to the ground. The victim said Hyman apologized for assaulting her last March and offered to take her to work, but then he drove past her workplace.
When she screamed at him, he “grabbed her by the neck and hair, pulled her toward him and punched her in the forehead before shoving her back into her seat,” a report says.
She had to jump out of the vehicle to get away from him and seek help.
The woman sustained a large contusion on her forehead and bruises to her arm, a sheriff’s report says.