Augusta Man Robs Old Boss & Attacks Him with Tire Iron

David Mooneyhan An Augusta businessman was suckered into trying to help a former employee before being attacked by a tire iron and robbed, authorities said.
David Mooneyhan, 23 (pictured at right), was captured Thursday and charged with robbery by force in the violent Feb. 1 assault on Kendall McGee, who runs his own garage door installation and repair company.
The victim sustained a broken arm, three broken fingers and a fractured bone above his right eye. (Story continues below)
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Mooneyhan allegedly came to the victim’s home on Belair Road that Wednesday evening looking for “a few hours of work a week to help pay for probation costs that had accrued,” a sheriff’s report says.
Inside the home, Mooneyhan used the restroom, came out and then struck his old boss with a tire iron multiple times. During the attack, the suspect claimed that “a man had told him to get $20,000 dollars from Kendall or he would kill his child.”
After being struck, the 34-year-old victim went to kitchen and got some cash from a money box he keeps for work. The suspect then struck him several more times before leaving.
McGeeMcGee (pictured from a Facebook post) stumbled to his car and tried to drive down the road before seeing a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office unit.
The deputy took him to Doctors Hospital.
McGee posted photos of his injuries on Facebook with the caption: “What happens when you hit with a tire iron.”
On Monday, McGee told The Jail Report that he is recovering but is working with a broken arm. He said he felt sorry for the suspect when he showed up at his house and he wanted to help him with work.
McGee said he was happy to hear the suspect was captured last week. He is unsure why Mooneyhan decided to target him since they had lost touch for a few years.
But he says Mooneyhan was acting bizarre during the robbery. McGee gave the suspect about $700 in cash, but the suspect screamed that it wasn’t enough.
“He was saying he couldn’t take it because it had blood on it,” McGee said, referring to money that had been soiled because the victim was bleeding from the attack.
Mooneyhan remained in jail on Monday under a $22,200 bond.