Augusta Boss Uses ‘Nanny Cam’ to Catch Employee Theft

An Augusta employer who remodels home used a Nanny Cam to catch his employee stealing money from a client’s home.
Brian Medina, 26, of Martinez, Theft by taking   Brian Medina, 26, of Serenity Creek Drive, Martinez, was arrested Friday on charges of theft by taking.
Medina was working for an Augusta man who remodels homes. In January, one of his clients told the company that some of his money and credit cards went missing while the company’s employees were in the house, according to a sheriff’s report. So the boss asked the client if he could install a Nanny cam, and the client agreed.
“He saw Medina on video taking the money from the wallet, and going through the drawers then exiting the room,” a sheriff’ report says. “He confronted Medina, and Medina left the home in his vehicle.”
The suspect told investigators that he took the money, but he put it back later. He said he was in the room cleaning at the time he took the money.
Officers told the company’s owner how to obtain a warrant, and the warrant led to Friday’s arrest. Medina has two previous theft arrests in Richmond County, both for shoplifting.

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