Aiken Man Ties Up Family & Steals Several Firearms!

An Aiken man tied up his parents and older brother in the family home Friday before making off with several firearms, authorities said.

Stephen Foreman, 28, surrendered to police the next night, on Saturday, allowing police to recover the stolen weapons, which were property of his older brother.

A police report explains how a normal Friday evening turned violent in the Foreman house on Interlachen Court:

The suspect’s older brother, 32-year-old Milfred Foreman, was watching TV with his parents when they heard a loud noise from upstairs. The suspect came from his bedroom and presented a sawed-off shotgun.

“The younger brother threw some black tape to his older brother and told him to tie up his parents,” the report says.

After everyone was tied up, the suspect was “going on about robbing a bank and other ‘gibberish.'” He took their cell phones before heading upstairs to the older brother’s gun safe.

With the suspect rummaging through things upstairs, the family untied themselves and ran for the woods behind the home, calling 911 from a phone the mother had hidden in her chair before getting tied up. When Stephen Foreman heard the family run out, he grabbed the father’s wallet and several handguns and ran to a black Ford Expedition and left the area.

A police hunt was unsuccessful, but the suspect surrendered Saturday night at Aiken Public Safety headquarters on charges of kidnapping and weapon possession. Officers recovered a shotgun, a .357 revolver, a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver, a Glock 23 .40-caliber, two full-loaded speed loaders and ammunition.

The exact motive is unclear. The suspect remained in jail on Monday afternoon.