Hephzibah Mom Dates Sex Offender; Then He Rapes Her Daughter

bobby-birks-jr-38-of-hephzibah-rape-forgery A Hephzibah sex offender has been raping his girlfriend’s daughter for four years while living in the family’s home, according to authorities.
Bobby Birks Jr., 38, was charged last Wednesday with felony rape and second-degree forgery in the case. He is a sex offender with a conviction for sexual battery on a minor, and he also has a lengthy record of other crimes.

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The rape arrest comes after the mother of the 19-year-old victim returned home last Wednesday and found her daughter nude and hysterical in a bedroom, according to a sheriff’s report.
“What’s wrong?” the mom asked.
The daughter didn’t answer. She just continued crying uncontrollably and then pointed to her mother’s boyfriend.
Birks, who lives at the home, grabbed the mother’s cell phone, so she ran outside and went to a nearby gas station to call law enforcement. She told dispatchers that she was “afraid for her and her children’s lives because Birks was extremely violent and had two firearms at the home,” a report says.
The mother said someone needed to go to the home since she was afraid Birks was going to hurt her other children. Birks was found at the home and detained.
Investigators then talked to the teenager about her rape allegations. Here is what she told them:
Birks had been forcing her to have nonconsensual sex with him for the past four years since she was 15. She said she was “extremely afraid” of Birks.
Earlier that day, Birks forced himself on the teen three separate times, raping her twice and performing oral sex on her once.
Birks was taken into custody and the victim’s mother was told to take the teen to Augusta University Medical Center for a rape kit.
Counterfeit Money. During the rape investigation, authorities did not find any firearms but they did find four counterfeit $100 bills.
The 19-year-old daughter told her mom that Birks had given her a counterfeit bill, which she tried to use at school that day without success. School officials took possession of the counterfeit bill and notified the teen’s mother.
When asked why he had the fake bills, Birks allegedly told the victim that “he is a rapper and that’s what he does.” The bills all had the same serial number: CT00001345A.
screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-8-29-24-pmCriminal history. According to court records, Birks has been in trouble much of his adult life. In 2001, he was charged with simple battery, criminal trespassing and failure to register as a sex offender. His sex offense stems from a previous conviction for sexual battery of a minor.
In 2003, he earned a six-month prison sentence for simple battery and other charges.
More importantly, he was charged with violating an order of protection in 2006. For that, a judge gave him 12 months of probation.