4-Year-Old Siblings are Found Home Alone in Augusta with Bathroom Sink & Toilet Overflowing

Two 4-year-old siblings, a boy and girl, were found alone in an Augusta apartment with overflowing sink and toilet, leading to their father’s arrest.

Donarius Stevens-Craig, 24, told authorities that he had gone shopping at Walgreens around 3 p.m. Wednesday and left the children at home, asleep in their bed, a sheriff’s report said.

Later, someone complained to maintenance at the apartments on Spicewood Drive that water was coming from the residence, and a worker discovered the children inside alone with the bathroom sink and toilet overflowing.

An apartment official tried to call the father without success but located another emergency contact. Within a half hour of deputies responding, the father arrived back home and claimed he had been gone less than an hour, leaving his children asleep in their bed while he walked on foot to Walgreens.

Stevens-Craig was charged with two counts of deprivation of a minor and taken to jail. DFACS was notified.