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Belair Arrests

Belair Arrests

One response to "Belair Arrests"

  1. Katie C April 22nd, 2011 20:54 pm

    AWFUL AWFUL ! Time to sit in jail for a good bit of your life. I know for sure though that the main guy that shot my homie will sit in jail for life. What happened at that party was totally uncalled for. I mean come on , bringing a gun to party ? What were you even doing owning a gun to begin with ? To me it just seems like wanna be thugs. But the question is , did all them get charged with some type of murder ? I think that if they were shooting also .. they should be charged with attempt . It just aint right to give someone with a drug charge some years but when it comes down to murders and rapist they don’t even get that much time. Jamie was my friend, I miss him more everyday. My prayers are still with his family, and it just is not fair to Jamies family and friends if they don’t get the time they DESERVE !