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Rebecca Avrett


A drunk Hephzibah mother crashed into a tree after leading officers on a chase while carrying three children and an adult male in her car Wednesday. Rebecca Avrett, 27, was allegedly involved in an accident on James Drive but drove away as a deputy approached, leading the officer on a chase that reached speeds of 80-85 mph, a report says. She finally drove into a yard on Travis Road, lost control of her 1999 Saturn and struck a tree. She tried to exit the car but was detained, the report states. An officer then realized the woman was carrying three small children (ages 6-8) as well as an adult male. None of the children were restrained, and they appeared injured, a report states. Officers found an open container of Bud Ice in the car. The driver was charged with at least 14 offenses, including DUI, reckless driving, fleeing, endangering child while DUI, no insurance and driving with a suspended license. The injured were taken to MCG. Avrett was treated and then booked into the jail, where she took her mugshot from a wheelchair.

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