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Lisa Marie Owen


An Augusta woman with cerebral palsy has been arrested for shoplifting – again.
Lisa Michelle Owen, 44, is accused of leaving the Walmart on Deans Bridge Road last Thursday afternoon without paying for a pink “George” shirt worth $12 and a bag of Fritos worth $1.
A store employee stopped the woman after she exited the store. A responding deputy called the Richmond County Booking Desk to request a handicapped van due to the woman being disabled, but the van was out of service. So the deputy requested an ambulance, but one was unavailable, a report states.
So a sheriff’s captain told the deputy to release the woman and she would be apprehended later. Owen was arrested the next day.
In August, Owen was charged with shoplifting earrings from J.C. Penney’s at the Augusta Mall.
According to a report, she was seen putting the $20 earrings in a denim bag and leaving. In that case, a deputy asked the woman to turn herself in at the jail. She did.

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