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Henry Ragland


A middle-aged Martinez man has been charged with terroristic threats after allegedly running into I-HOP on Saturday afternoon, throwing white powder and claiming it was “Anthrax.”

Henry Terry Ragland, 46, was arrested shortly after the scare at the restaurant on 2525 Washington Road in Augusta, which is located across from Augusta National Golf Club. Employee Jessica Hammond saw the suspect open the doors to the business and throw in the powder about 2:18 p.m. Saturday. She asked the suspect what it was, and he replied “Anthrax” and left the restaurant, a report states.

Soon after, a person with the suspect admitted it was just flour, and the restaurant was not evacuated, according to Jessica. She told The Jail Report that they eventually discovered the prank was part of a “Hashing Party.”

One online source describes hashing parties as loosely-associated running groups that mix running with social drinking. A “Hash Run” usually consists of running a trail that is not disclosed ahead of time, but rather is marked by some means by a member of the group, such as flour.

Cops did not find it funny, though, charging Ragland with terrorist threats & acts, a felony. He was booked into the Richmond County Jail.

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