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Eva Smith


Richmond County authorities have arrested a local con artist for some fresh scams.

Eva Carrol Smith, 44, was picked up Monday on two counts of misdemeanor theft by deception. The suspect is known for stopping people and asking to borrow money for a locksmith to get her keys out of a “car” that doesn’t really exist and promising a reward, authorities say.

Her scams from last summer resulted in probation. Perhaps, Smith won’t get off so easy with the new charges.

2 responses to "Eva Smith"

  1. Donna April 21st, 2011 21:05 pm

    Eva tried pulling this on me in one of MCG’s parking decks. She said her Dad worked for police dept and that he was in court and couldn’t come but that if I gave her the money for a locksmith that her dad would give me $500.00. She also said she was 8 months pregnant and asked if I had any food she could have because her sugar was getting low. I am glad this piece of trash was caught…..

  2. harold August 24th, 2014 08:38 am