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Dr. Kenneth McPherson


An Augusta psychologist was charged Monday with molesting an 8-year-old boy he was counseling.

Dr. Kenneth McPherson is accused of exposing himself to the child and showing the boy naked pictures of children during a session with the doctor, according to a sheriff’s report.

The boy’s grandmother called the sheriff’s office last month to report the alleged abuse. The grandmother is the boy’s legal guardian and said he requires counseling since he has been diagnosed with ADHD and borderline autism. She said her grandson has been receiving counseling from Dr. McPherson for more than three years.

Last month, though, the boy came in the living room and informed her that Dr. McPherson has a big “wee wee.” He also said he had seen the psychologist’s “wee wee” at least two times.

The grandmother said she was also informed by the child that a book containing nude photos of children was shown to him during a previous session.

After an investigation, Dr. McPherson was arrested Monday and held without bond.

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