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Charles Kelly III


Charles Kelly III, 21, of Augusta, was charged Friday with DUI and failure to maintain lane. The Richmond County Jail snapped this bloody mugshot of the young man.
We wondered what happened to him, so we called Kelly tonight. He told us that he “busted a tire” and was being tailed by a deputy. He said the tire made his vehicle swerve in the lane and he accidentally hit a traffic light pole, crashing the vehicle.
Since Kelly wasn’t wearing a seat belt, his face hit the windshield, leading to the injuries. While cops charged him with DUI and he admits drinking two or three beers before the wreck, he told us that he passed the cop’s Breathalyzer and was arrested anyway.
At the detention center, he says jailers didn’t let him clean the blood off his face. Kelly says he plans to fight the DUI charge since he wasn’t drunk.

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