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Barth Josey, Phillip Smith


Richmond County authorities arrested a supervisor of a general contracting company as well as an employee after a violent fight Monday between the two.

Phillip Smith, a supervisor at Southeastern Field Services on Milledgeville Road, was arrested for simple battery after both visited MCG for serious injuries.

Employee Barth Josey, left, was also arrested on the same charge. Smith told authorities that Josey came to work Monday morning and appeared under the influence of drugs. Smith, 36, told his brother to send Josey home, which outraged Josey and led him to strike Smith in the head.

Smith told investigators that Josey reached for a knife, but Smith struck him in the left hand with a golf club before he could use it.

In addition to other injuries, Smith required six stitches to the head, and Josey suffered a broken arm. Smith tells The Jail Report that he will be arguing self defense in court.

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