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Arthur Randy Cliett


The owner of an Appling catering business was ordered to spend two days in jail each week for the next two years after being convicted of inappropriate conduct with a teenage boy who worked for him.
Arthur Randall Cliett, 56, of White Oak Road, Appling, pleaded guilty last week to two counts of disorderly conduct. Superior Court Judge James G. Blanchard Jr. sentenced Cliett to two years probation, consecutive to each other, as well as the jail time. In addition, Cliett is not allowed to hire anyone under 21 for his business, Wisteria Hill Plantation.
Through his business, Cliett offers “a wide range of hospitality services including wedding and event planning, catering and fun events with rides, inflatables and interactive games,” according to the website.
The victim had been an employee for about six months when Cliett made sexual advances. In court Friday, the teenage victim told the judge what happened last year, when he was 17.
The teen explained that he had gone to dinner at Las Lomas Mexican Restaurant with his boss on a Sunday and had drank two beers that were purchased for him.
Then the two headed back to Cliett’s house. On the way there, the teen said Cliett touched him.    At the house, Cliett gave the victim more alcohol.
When the teen emerged from the bathroom, Cliett was in his bedroom and made sexual advances to the boy, pinning him on the bed and kissing him.
The boy was intoxicated and couldn’t figure out how to leave the bedroom since Cliett had locked the door. Cliett had to unlock the door to let him out.
The boy told the judge that Cliett had been like a grandfather to him and he had looked up to him before the incident.
Cliett’s attorney, Jason Troiano, declined comment on the case last week.

3 responses to "Arthur Randy Cliett"

  1. Mary March 18th, 2011 00:43 am

    I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face since friends called my attention to this “Jail Report”. Finally the court system and one very brave young man have made “Cliett” responsible for his actions. A zillion & more “kudos” and special thanks from me is sent to this young man for standing his ground and doing whats right.

  2. well known assoicate March 22nd, 2011 02:10 am

    This is crazy this is a well known business man and he does this, there should be a sign on his business lawn saying what he did to this teen and the system is messed up!!!! they gave this man a slap on the wraist. two days of jail time a week is nothing!!! i ask myself did money buy his way out???

  3. Shelley Burge March 24th, 2011 13:51 pm

    Horrible (as most crimes are!)….but even worse, “we the people” who use our American born right to know everything about everyone through great websites sch as this “fighting crime with knowledge” sit back and tolerate this within our community even with the knowledge. This mans business, Wisteria Hills entertains children for a living though carnival rides. OMGoodness why don’t we serve up our children be bait for the serpent?! The school my children attend (Euchee Creek Elementary) hired this man/Wisteria Hills for our Spring Carnival. When this knowledge came out and was brought to the attention of our Principal, PTO President and the Columbia County Board of Education. They refused to fire him and reschedule the carnival for a later date “for the sake of the children”. The children were so excited about the upcoming Spring Carnival, and after all this is a fundraiser for the children….concerned parents were asked “not to rain on the kids parade”. Can you believe it? This man lives in our backyard…and no one (with authority or morals & ethics) saw a problem with hiring him since he assured the Principal that he would not be present on school property. So I ask this question……if it was your child who was sexually molested by this man, would you still hire him?