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Alexander Dombrowski


A suicidal Augusta man who was captured with the use of a bean bag gun has been released from the hospital and arrested for felony obstruction of an officer.

Alexander Dombrowski, 61, was arrested Thursday in connection with the March 13th incident at his home on Wellington Drive.

Richmond County deputies were called by the man’s son, and officers found him drunk in the back yard holding a fillet knife and threatening to stab himself in the abdomen, according to a report. He ordered deputies to leave the area and then begin threatening to charge a deputy with his knife. Finally, a sheriff’s sergeant arrived with the bean bag gun and fired it at Dombrowski and then wrestled the man to the ground.

Still, Dombrowski did not drop his knife and a deputy used a ASP baton on the man’s left hand to get him to drop it, a report states. The man was then taken to MCG for treatment.

Officers found beer and vodka near the man, who was clearly under the influence, a report states.

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