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How can I order a subscription?

First of all, we encourage our readers to buy the paper in one of our many stores. It’s only $1.50. But we’ve had a demand for subscriptions from people who either don’t want to miss an issue or live too far from the area to buy it in a store each week.

The cost to send it each week is expensive for us. That is why the cost of a subscription is so high right now. (We don’t have enough orders to go bulk mail yet.)

10 issues……$30
20 issues….$50
30 issues….$75

To order a subscription, send a check to The Jail Report, P.O. Box 2122, Augusta, GA 30903. Make the check payable to “The Jail Report” and be clear on where to send the subscription. New issues will be sent on the day of publication.
Available anywhere in the continental U.S.

What is The Jail Report?

The Jail Report is an informative and entertaining weekly newspaper that focuses on local crime in a straightforward, humorous and revealing manner.

Where do people that appear in The Jail Report come from?

The majority of the people featured in The Jail Report have been charged with committing Felony and Misdemeanor crimes in the 7 days prior to the issue date.

Where does The Jail Report acquire its information?

The Jail Report aquires its information through dozens of city, county, state and national law enforcement agencies. We also report on interesting, weird or notable crime that occurs anywhere in the world!

I saw that person in The Jail Report last week! Did you make a mistake?!

It’s possible, but more than likely- that person has been (allegedly) misbehaving again!

You featured more white than black, or black than white arrests this week- Why?!

The Jail Report can’t control who is arrested any more than you can control who runs a stop sign in your neighborhood. Obviously, at times all races find it difficult to follow the law.

Why isn’t The Jail Report carried at my local convenience store?

Ask them! Send us an e-mail through the contact page, and we’ll contact them.

I got arrested, and you printed my picture- aren’t you violating my privacy rights?!

No ma’am. Once you were arrested, you became a statistic. As a public record, news organizations have the right to publish your arrest information. We hope you weren’t wrongly accused.

Crime is very serious- why do you make light of crime in The Jail Report?!

We agree that crime is a very serious problem in our community. The Jail Report has every intention to help reduce crime, locate missing persons, bring fugitives to justice and provide information that assists authorities in making our communities safter. If you don’t like to laugh, please just skip over the funny parts.

You ran my arrest information and my Boss/Spouse/Preacher/Neighbor is upset!?

We recommend you get a good attorney and defend your innocence. And stay out of jail.

I love The Jail Report! How did you get the idea?!

Unfortunately, The Jail Report must confess, it did not invent the newspaper- Just The Jail Report!